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March 6 – Back Training and Notes

Notes and Changes for this workout: One of the things I noticed over the weekend training in Columbus was how much stronger I am at DB pull overs than I was in December. Since December I have used the Hammer Pull over weekly so this tells me that it has very good carry over to a DB pullover.

Secondly I have done DB incline Pull overs for the past 9 weeks or so straight so I have swapped this movement out for Hammer Row in the same plane of motion. The reason for this is because I feel like I have currently maxed out the DB row, not in terms of development but in terms of if I increase any more weight my form will not remain intact. So today we used the hammer Low row with the seat a bit lower to emphasize the upper back.

For todays workout we did either a top end set and back off set for each movement OR if we hit the upper end of the rep range for the first set then we maintained that same weight for the second set.

We are still alternating between a body weight supported and chest supported row for our rowing movements to not over work the lower back.

Hammer Pullover
Max set of 10 @ 4p + 50lbs total
Max set of 6-7 at same weight

T Bar Row
10 -25’s x Max set
8 – 25’s x Max set

Hammer Low Row
275 x max set
245 x max set

DB Hammer Row
145 x 9
145 x 7

Hammer DY Row
4p+5ps x 7

Close Grip Pulldown
160 x max + 2 forced

Weighted Stretch