Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey John –

I just started working with a new training partner over the last month so we have been more or less bringing our training together. I hate to dictate workouts in that its my way or the high way, we train with the same basic principles and believe in training to true failure and to me that is what matters. As far as exercise selection we stick to basically the same thing week in and week out but if we want to change out an exercise or if our lower back is feeling overly taxed we might choose something else but the target point on the muscle will be the same. For example I have done the same upper back row movement on an incline bench with DB’s since the beginning of Jan, today was the first time we swapped that out for another row movement. What I believe is most important is how you approach your training, how you approach individual build up and working sets and that you generally stick to the same structure each week. Within that structure constantly assessing weak points and how to make them stronger through proper exercise selection.