Roman FritzRoman Fritz

6th March 2019

Chest + shoulders + triceps

I can finally do something productive with my pressing movements again. Like I said, i´m not going to be stupid again by pushing for progression like this is the holy grail. Might be for somebody else but, as I have experienced, my body isn´t made for this style of training.


incline Smith press – 3 plates per side – 5 sets of 10 (r/p) – stripped to 2 plates x 10

Deadstop rep style


bodyweight dips – 5 x max.


cable cross – 37,5 kg – 5 x 10+ (r/p)

–> DC stretch on the dip bars after last set


side laterals – 5 x 20 – 15kg


rear delt cable – 5 x 20 – 10kg


standing dumbbell presses – 5 x 20 – 20kg

This triset will absolutely fry your delts. No amount of weight you push will get them fuller and rounder than pumping them full of blood and burning the hell out of them. Period.


Giant set x3:

EZ bar pushdown – 62,5 x 10

Dips – bodyweight x max. (closer grip and more upright)

overhead rope – 17,5 x 10+

Close grip pushups – bodyweight x max. reps

+3 sets Abs to failure