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Training / Diet update:

I want to preface this by me saying that this is not me complaining rather just giving you a real look into what I am going through, I craved information like this when I was younger so that is why I am wanting to give it back. In the grand scheme of things this is all very much self induced first world problems but just being real with you guys.

All of this is new un charted territory for me in terms of the amount of food I am consuming and my bodyweight. The reason why I am doing this is because I want to know every facet of bodybuilding for myself the good / bad ect. I also have set some high goals for myself and I dont want to look back and say I could have eaten more, could have trained harder, could have rested more ect. Right now in terms of my goals and current state I am doing what I believe is my very best but that also comes with some negative side effects. I am very sluggish and tired all day long, my body is definitely telling me to ease up but at the same time in terms of markers like bp things are good its just new un charted territory. I really would like to hold 260+ for a good 2 months to let that weight marinate before I even consider coming down. So this is just the general day to day way I am feeling now. Combine that with the fact that my body dropped from 259 – to probably 250 – then back up to 258 in a matter of 4 days that is a large influx of weight / water / glycogen so I currently have somewhat of a rebound effect. All that being said I am choosing to and want to do this, I want to know I have given everything in every capacity and thankfully for now at least I can be tired but yet still get things done during my day and function to some extent seeing as my work is computer based.

Saying all this leading into today was not my best in the gym, I felt the influx of quick weight and my performance was not the best. I am going to give myself off tomorrow to rest and let my body have a day to stabilize and then get back at it. The longer I am at this weight the better I will feel its just that I got there, dropped a quick 10 lbs and then got back at it quick rate so I am just dealing with all that but I will live 🙂 I am also not negating that last week was an emotional week for me and although I did not train that for sure was not “rest”

585 x 3.5 (was going for and should have had 5) Felt like a ton today
495 x 6

Reverse Grip barbell Row
3pps x 7 (got 10 last week so again we are seeing a drop in performance here. just showing you guys)

***This is where Brad and I called an audible knowing that I was not up to par we opted for some easier loading machines rather than being negligent to what was going on and continuing to hammer compound free weight movements.

Single arm Neutral Grip Plate loaded Row
3pps x 8
4pps x 8

Single Arm Pronated Grip Plate loaded Low Row
4pps x 8

Supinated Mag Grip Pulldown
130 x 8
160 x 8
***we have a high cable attachment on our pulldown stack so we actually do these standing up which is cool so its basically like a cable pull up with no counterbalance drive off of the thigh pads – no rocking just straight up and down.

Loaded single arm stretches.

Sometimes its just about finding a way, not being negligent but still getting good work in!