Roman FritzRoman Fritz

1st March 2019

Chest + side delts


Incline dumbell press – 45kg – 5 x 10 (rest/pause)

incline dumbell press – 30kg – 5 x 20 (r/p)


bodyweight dips – 5 x max


cable crossovers – 5 x 10 – 37,5kg


DB pullovers – 5 sets of 10+, 50kg


side dumbell raises – 5 x 20 (rest/pause) – 15kg

–> Abs


As you can see I´m doing a little higher volume again as I feel this is more suited for my body. Ever since I started the lower volume, heavier weight crap 2 months ago I so far have hurt my hip, knee, elbow, shoulder and lower back. Before that I have been almost pain free for years. So much for that… Common sense tells me “fuck that shit”.