Quads 2/25/19

Good day today
Hip still in pain and a limiting factor but the work goes on

I’d really like a hack squat but no option for one right now
I actually own it, just no weights yet lol

Barbell front squat
Heels elevated on prime 20 degree wedges
I got dizzy walking the first set out and kind of blacked out during, so that was.. fun lol
275 x 6 (2 more reps than last week)
225 x almost 9 so 1/2 rep more than last week lol longer pauses in hole this week though!

Cybex squat press
7 pps x 20
7 pps x drop 2 pps x drop 2 pps bringing feet in closer each drop

Leg ext
Feet wider
1 straight set
1 rest pause set
Feet closer
1 straight set

Smith split squat/lunch
Front foot elevated on prime wedge
1 straight set
1 single drop (completed both legs before dropping)

Smith squat bottom rep partials
1 true working round
(Idea for this being a hard pump in my hip/upper quad with the abduction leading into the bottom partials on the smith being felt higher up on quads)