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Feb 25 – Chest

Dante trudel made a post this week and its something that I agree with 100% and want to implement more into my own training. I fully believe in the need to train a muscle from a fully stretched position and that is where you maximize growth but what he talked about was doing sets where you are spending extended time in the stretched position as well as in a shortened range of the movement. He talks about doing a shortened range of motion and in between each rep doing a static hold in the stretched position for a 5 count so I have started to implement this throughout this past week. Its been awesome in terms of how the muscle feels as well as fatigue level plus its just a fun challenge that I enjoy.

Chest today

Flat Barbell Press
415 x 6 (+10 lbs from last time) definitely felt some tricep fatigue here but progress is progress!

Hammer Decline Press (we swapped decline barbell for hammer decline this week to get more converging at the top of the rep)
5pps x 9 (with 1.5 forced reps)
4pps x 9 (with 1 forced rep)

Hammer Incline Press
5P + 5ps x 7 or 8
4p + 5ps x Same

Fly Machine – 2 second holds at full stretch and full contraction
170 x max set
150 x max set (5-6 as an idea)
130 x max set (4-5 as an idea)
30 second stretch hold

Flat DB – Loaded stretch fly as explaned above – 5 second holds between each rep in the fully stretched position, 8-10 inch press immediately back into stretch

I did 2 sets here and stopped when it no longer felt save which I think was around 10-12 reps