Matt JansenMatt Jansen

A few things to note this week, I have tried to add a bit more frequency in two of my weaker body parts and these are just very small changes. I want to see what this does and go from there, if it negatively impacts my recovery I will pull back.

On my chest day I am training either biceps or triceps and this workout alternates weekly IE biceps week one and then triceps week 2 and so on. This is a bit more of a fast paced volume workout where I am hitting a top weight and then maintaining that weight for 2 additional sets with shorter rest periods. (Note: expect I did not do this today because my split got messed up see below)

Then I am still doing my typical Arm workout for now as I am still not training quads. This workout is more true to style with straight sets or rest pause sets to failure.

Second change was to add an additional 2 all out sets of chest to start out shoulder day. So for now this might seem very small but yes I am just adding an additional 2 sets and want to see what that provides me long term. For this past week I chose to do two sets at 5pps on Hammer Incline Press.

Today was the first day that I really felt these changes as I re entered my training cycle for the week and things felt a bit off but it was not a true test as this past Thursday I did chest and shoulders but my normal arm workout as not on Friday as I was out of the house all day I had to train arms on Saturday, and I know I hit some chest as well doing close grip presses as I reached true failure in my sets so that sort of messed up the recovery timing for todays chest workout.

This week I will be heading to the Arnold so my goal is to be as perfect as I can be. We are going to be getting some cool content for you guys on this trip as I am going to get to train with some of the guys that I work with that I do not see often.