Delts 2/23/19
Recorded this one for next weeks training video as I have not shown delts on here yet

Movements seemed to gas out and fatigue pretty quick today so admittedly I was a little peeved because of it lol

Bodyweight was down 2lbs this am, which is unusual for me as typically I increase 3+ lbs or so the day after legs
Also started on an anti inflammatory medication from the Dr yesterday so could play a part.
I don’t use stuff like that as reasoning or excuse though lol

Seated barbell press
155 x 9
135 x 10
Really tough sets for me today
Wasn’t really happy with how they felt in the moment
Looking back to compare to last week, last weeks spotter touched the bar 3 reps sooner than spot this week so for me and presses that can make a big difference because all it takes is a finger nudge on reps before I hit that “wall” for me to gain extra pop to my reps
So while I would have liked to have a little more pop today, the work of the sets was good

Hammer press
2 p + 10 ps x 7 + few partials
2 pps x dead stop reps 8 + few partials

Standing DB lateral raise
Sets of 12 increasing weight on each until I reached 30’s
Second work set: triple drop set 30’s-15’s
On the 15’s I held each rep at the top

Smith upright row
2 quarters ps x rest pause set
2 quarters ps x single drop set

Rear delt pec dec fly
2 sets

Ez bar front raise
Reverse grip seated into regular grip standing
1 round