Hams 2/22/19

A bit different sequence than what you’re used to seeing from me, but this is how I was able to get the most out of my session today and it was a good one
No go on RDLs or adductor machine

Everything very strict and controlled reps
Constant tension throughout on all
Pump was nasty

Lying leg curl
1 straight heavy set
1 rest pause set with the same weight
1 reduced weight straight set

Smith squat
Feet wide and out in front
Squatting “back” and driving through heels really focusing on hams, adductors and glutes

225 x 21
275 x 11 x drop to 225 x bottom half ROM x drop to 135 x bottom pulse partials
Heavier portion of set I purposely worked in the ROM of not letting hips sink too far and keeping it right in the sweet spot of full ham connection along with adductors and glutes and almost thrusting at the top, the drops were spent in the bottom portion and felt more adductor and glutes and less full ham
Nasty nasty pump

Seated leg curl
1 heavy straight set
1 double drop set

Cybex squat press
Wasn’t sure if I would be able to do these today but they went fine
Purposely stopping ROM before letting pelvis roll
7 pps x high rep rest pause set
7 pps x straight set

Smith machine banded glute thrust things on your knees lol
Such a nasty glute contraction
I shake the entire time
2 sets last set drop to just the band