Roman FritzRoman Fritz

19th February 2019

calves and legs:

Since my hip and therefore my knee isn´t hurting anymore, legs is my favorite day again!


Superset of legpress calves and standing calves

5 sets of 10 reps each (heavy!), rest/pause if necessary, going back and forth with as little rest as possible, finish both with a 1 minute loaded DC stretch


seated curls (Cybex)

67,5 + 2,3kg x 3 sets of 11 strip on last set 50kg x 10

Deadstop reps


Cybex Squat press

5 sets of 15 – 7 plates


single leg extensions – 5 x 15 (switch legs non stop)


seated curls – 50kg x 20 (rest/pause), 5 sets

superset with

dumbbell stiff leg deads – 60kg  x 6+


Adductors – 5 x 10reps