Quads 2/18/19

Making due with what I got and what I can!

Barbell front squat
Feet elevated with Prime 20 degree solo wedges
A lot of build up warm ups
Really trying to keep my quads as the sole driving force and not a hip dominant squat
275 x 5 lost it on that one and bailed the bar on the rack
225 x 8 + an eccentric and bailed the bar

Leg ext
One heavy rest pause set
One double drop set

Barbell front loaded walking lunges
Again loading the quads here and not the hips
135 x 1 turf trip
95 x 2 turf trips slower reps

Linear hack
4 pps x 10
4 pps x double drop set 3 pps x 2 pps

Did some single leg ext and single leg seated pin loaded press but wouldn’t consider them to count toward much to be honest lol
The ole bones had all they could take for one day lol