Hams 2/15/19

Took me 30 minutes to get warmed up before I could warm up lol

Hip pain still present
Another thing is I noticeably shift to the left during the eccentric of my movement
Some other things associated with it as well but
Work goes on regardless!

Single leg lying leg curl
Worked up to one difficult set of 7

Worked up to one rest pause set

Sumo pull
Adductor and glute focus
I keep a hard tension on my adductors throughout the entire rom and a hard contraction in my glutes
315x 9 lost the 10th rep mid way up

Seated leg curl
145 x 6
130 + 2 drops

Cybex squat press
7pps x 21 reps
I had to rack it on the 14th and reset my feet because one was slipping

Barbell rdl
275 x 7
315 x 5
225 x 7
For the 315 I paused each rep just below my knees, hard contraction on glutes
Hip limits me from getting lower with that weight, but these still felt exactly where I wanted them to
The 225 I did a bigger stretch through hams, but definitely cost me pain

Lying leg curl
1 double drop set

Body weight long stride walking lunges hard contraction through hams and glutes
1 set

Don’t let me talking about pain make you think I don’t keep the output as high as I am able and then some
I just keep it real on here, and even at that, I don’t tell the full story lol