Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Feb 13 – Back training

Good session this morning with Justin that we filmed for you guys. Justin and I are training first thing in the morning so I am waking up and having 1 meal then I drink half of my intra on the way to the gym, the other half at the beginning of training and then water throughout the rest of my workout. Training in the morning is new to me for sure but I am excited to have a partner to train hard with and push so I will get used to the timing of it.

Hammer Pullover
2 plates x 8
4 plates x 8
5 plates x 8
4 plates + 2 – 25’s x max set DROP off 1 25 – max set DROP off 1 25 – max set

Barbell Row
315 x 3 last warm up
365 x 5 (failed on 6th) really aiming to be as strict here as possible)

Incline DB high row
90 x Max Set
85 x Max set

Single Arm DB Row
100 x 6
125 x 9 + 2 partials
125 x 7 + 2 partials

Hammer Low Row
3p + 10ps x 8
3pps x 7

Wide Lat Pulldown
2 sets @ 160 lbs with 1-2 forced reps