Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Bar – Keone has expressed to me that he is natural as well and that dates back now to 2017 Arnold Classic I trust him at his word.

Matt – I actually went over this today in the new back training video that will be up in the next week so be on the lookout for that, if it does not address your question then please follow up. In short though yes their is some things that are constant and then a few as you say that are freestyle which just comes down to a love for training and making things hard and challenging.

As far as your question on the leg press I think you are overthinking it a bit. If your foot placement is the same the load should not be shifting that much and if you are recruiting more muscles to me this is not a bad thing at all hence why I am such a big fan of the squat and hack squat for true mass development. At max weights you are for sure going to recruit max muscle but to me this is the entire point.