Chest 2/12/19

Had a really stressful test before training today, and body is absolutely wrecked from quads yesterday lol but it was a good day

Incline barbell
195 x 6
185 x 8, last rep assisted

Lying Flat hammer press
2 plates + 25 ps x 4
Logically idk why I think I can do that weight if I can’t bench near that but whatever I like to try lol
2 pps x 8

Incline DB fly
50’s x 11

Pin loaded flat press
1 heavy double drop set
ironically failed at 7,7,7

Standing cable fly
1 straight set 11 reps
1 double drop set

Cable bicep curl
Idk what the name for it would be, but like you’re hitting a front double
3 sets increasing weight each 15-9 reps

DB alt hammer curl
Strict rep Build up sets of 20 reps until I reached 40’s x 12

Seated lateral raise
1 straight set 15ish reps
1 three way set top, full, bottom reps