Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Feb 11 – Chest and Biceps

A bit miffed that my Barbell bench press is not to where i expect it to be, after thinking over the session today I think I left some error in terms of being mentally locked in so I am going to try to correct that first before doing anything else. When you are using max weights for max reps you have to be mentally locked in any slight error will take off a rep. I want to be hitting 455 x 5 by this summer and I need to get on it!

Flat Barbell Bench
405 x 7 Reps (slight help on rep 7)

Hammer Incline Press (Full pause at chest on each rep)
5pps x 8
Set 2 – Rest pause set
4pps x 8 / 3 / 2 RP set

Decline Barbell Press (Full pause at chest)
aiming to maintain arch on bench to keep chest open vs caving in. I really feel a lot of activation and stretch in this movement
315 x 7
275 x 6 DROP 225 x 4

Pec Deck Double Drop + Stretch
– 2 second hold on each rep at both the stretch and contraction
It goes like this making sure you do the pause at full stretch and 2 count at full contraction. Keep your arms straight at peak contraction.
160 x max reps – I believe I got 8
145 x max
130 x max – 30 second stretch hold
Only dropping one pin on the stack for each attempt

Stretch chest again

Biceps for biceps we worked up to a max set of 10 then held that weight for an additional 2 sets. 3 sets total on each movement keeping max weight from set 1 on each movement

  • Hammer Preacher Curl
  • Rope Hammer curl
  • Cable standing drag curl