Quads 2/11/19

Short story for ya
The section of the gym where the squat rack is at has no AC, the last two weeks it was cold outside so wasn’t bad. Well today, it literally felt like squatting in a sauna in the middle of the desert lol not complaining at all but I really thought mid set today would be the day I die lol

Warm ups and weights felt extra heavy today but refused to let that stop me from aiming to beat last week

SSB squats
“275” x 7
“275” x 5 dropped it on the rack on the way up of the 6th
“225” x 8 paused

First set tied last weeks, I wanted to beat it but wasn’t in there today
So I think I did the second set in attempt to punish myself lol honestly not sure how I got 5, I assumed I’d probably get 3 lol
These smoke me so so bad. Takes a real coming to Jesus meeting during the sets.

Cybex squat press
Feet low on platform
Really controlled and hard contractions
Set 1: 6pps x 17
Set 2: same weight for a rest pause set, but the second two attempts I did piston style reps

Smith split squats
Back leg elevated
“95” x 12 each – not true failure
“115” x 9 each

Cluster set
Leg ext into seated leg curl
1 round feet shoulder width
1 round reduced weight feet touching

Pendulum squat
1 set wide stance x 9
1 set close stance x double drop set