Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Feb 7 – Arms

Hard arm session recommend you guys to try this if you are in a rut with your arm training.

Cambered Bar pressdown
– work up the stack until you hit a max set of 15 reps all out. This will serve as a warm up as well as 1 working set

Cambered Bar Slight Incline Skull Crusher
100 x 8
110 x 8
135 x Max set DROP 110 x max set DROP 100 x max set
Done here

Machine Dips
Find a weight you can hit for the hardest set of 10-12 you can get and hit a total of 12 sets at this weight, Rest pause the second set until you reach the same number of reps as the first set.
(I used the stack here)

Single Arm D Handle Pressdown
Sets of 10 leading up to a max set where you fall short of 10 and with this set drop set it by dropping 1 pin and hitting failure again.
I used 50 – drop – 42.5 here.

Leaning Single Arm DB Curl
I lean back slightly and put the middle of my back into a pole, keep my shoulder back and complete all reps on one arm before doing the other arm.
I worked up to a set of 45 lb x 8 here

Lying D handle Drag Curl
worked up to a max set of 6-10
then two back off sets at the same weight. Hard contractions with a full pause – slow eccentrics – pausing at stretch which with this variation you will have tension on your biceps.

DB Hammer Curl (alternating arms)
Worked up to the following – did sets of 8 with hard contractions all the way up
45 x max set DROP 30 x max set