Arms 2/9/19

Straight bar press down
Sets of 12 increasing weight until I reached a set of 7 + leaning forward turning into ext with reduced weight for a few extra

Seated DB overhead ext
80 x 11
80 x 8

Smith close grip press
This thing literally felt like it had play dough stuck in the tracks lol pretty sure it was added weight. Did it anyways
185 + drop to 135

Rope overhead ext
Sets of 10 until reaching a weight I failed at 8 + single drop

Pin loaded dip machine
1 rest pause set x 9, 4, 2

Rope hammer curl
Sets of 15 until reaching a weight I got 11 + partials

Ez bar curl
Set 1: straight set x 6
Set 2: single drop set

DB hammer curl
35’s x 2 sets