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Hey guys I appreciate all the love and support. Its a 15 hour drive to where my grandma lived and with a 5 month old it takes longer plus we broke it up due to Dallas so its been 4 days of driving the past 5.5 days. I will be doing a q/a this week to get back to questions this week as well as other videos of things I want to touch on. Also Shoulder Video should be up by Wednesday.

That being said we are back here and rolling forward. I did break on of my main training rules today which I am frustrated I did but as best as I can I try to stick to not training legs on travel days for several reasons (hydration, sleep usually off while traveling, overall more tight from long hours in the car) but I am also one that does not like to break my groove so today was legs (hamstring emphasis) so that is what I planned on doing. Warming up I strained my right quad a bit so that made my alter the rest of the workout. All in all still was a good day just a bit frustrating, quad should be fine in a few days!

One of the things I wanted to touch on and I will do a video on this as well but when you are training with the goal of  progressive overload its going to be a constant give and take relationship. We are humans and we cannot just make linear progress from start to finish or we would all be 600lbs lifting insane loads as long as we just kept training and adding load to the bar the longer we trained. One of the things I like to do is overload my body a bit beyond what I know it is capable of for the sake of getting my nervous system to start getting used to that load. I dont care how strong you are but more often than not when you touch a weight you have never touched before its going to “jump on you a bit” and just overall make your body say dang thats heavy. So when I do this I know my form is going to be slightly compromised but there is a goal to this I am not just throwing on a random weight. Once my nervous system is acclimated the following weeks my reps get better and better at this load. Last week in the video I did training hamstrings which is in the video section I was not very happy with my top set of RDL, so rather than sticking there I actually pulled back this week to reinforce good motor mechanics and then start to slowly build up. I already know what 500 lbs feels like now so in an effort to build that up even stronger I have pulled back on my load to nail technique and then work back up to that weight in 3-4 weeks time. Every time you touch the weight you should be improving upon the execution at that load, if you are not you need to re assess.

Now on to the workout….

Scratched wide stance leg press due to my quad

2 – Barbell RDL
405 x 9 (failed on getting 10th up) – pausing in stretched position, driving hips fully through at top)

3 – Inverse Leg Curl (Westside barbell piece)
140lbs load added x 8
115 lbs load added x 7 + 4 bottom stretch partials
140lbs load added x 6 + 2 forced reps
***Imo the best curl variation you can do for your hamstrings, again lock your glutes in.

Lying DB Leg Curl
30 x 8
35 x 6 + 3 forced reps Drop 20 lbs x 5 forced reps through full contraction

Standing Calf Raise
240 x 7 – 3 – 1 + 4 partials rest pause set