Roman FritzRoman Fritz

7th February 2019

Delts + Traps

I feel a little pain creeping up in my front delt / pec tie in. I think I´ll start training chest and delts in one session in order to give this area more rest.

Maybe put traps with back and do a separate arm day instead.

Gotta talk to Matt about that…


Deadstop smith presses

3 sets of 20 (rest/paused), 2 plates plus 0,5kg per side

Had to go lighter


rear delt cable flies

3 sets of 15, 15,5kg (little momentum at the end)


side dumbbell raises

2 x stripset: 25,5 –> 21 –> 15, 10+ reps each


side cable

15kg 3 sets of 10

switch arms non stop


DB shrugs – 3 sets to failure (150lbs)

supersetted with

Rope face pulls – 37,5kg x 15


100 reps of cable crunches 27,5kg