Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Matt,

Some questions for you my man!

Biggest diet mistakes you’ve made in the past?

– Rushing the diet process and not sticking to the same rules that I use for my athletes. Meaning chasing instant gratification rather than a thought out plan and operating too much in the given day. Something I am excited to correct next time around. I am going to set check in days for myself just as I do my athletes and only make the needed changes on those days vs making changes based off of what the scale tells me every morning.

Top 5 most impressing physiques in your opinion?

-Ill go with current physiques that are competing and also keep it non biased with guys I do not work with: Try to be a bit out of the box here…
Keone (classic physique competitor)
Dewayne Quamina (212 competitor)
Derek Lunsford (212 competitor)
Candice Lewis Carter (Figure)
Sibusiso Kotelo (New IFBB open pro that won the Shawn Rhoden Classic this year)

If your coach instructed you to go and have a off plan meal that is heavy in calories, where would you go?

-I would go eat as much sushi as I wanted and then go to marble slab and get peanut butter ice cream with M&M’s, oreos and graham cracker crust in it in a Chocolate Covered Waffle Bowl (I actually did this once during my last prep when my body was stalled out bad and it worked)

Who do you think’s the most greatest Mr Olympia?
-Ronnie Colman

Who do you have winning the Arnold Classic 2019?
-Roelly OR Josh

All the best!