Roman FritzRoman Fritz

5th February 2019

calves + legs

Superset of stading calves and seated calves

5 sets of 10 reps each (heavy!), rest/pause if necessary, going back and forth with as little rest as possible, finish both with a 1 minute loaded DC stretch


seated curls (Techno Gym)

45 x 3 sets of 20 (rest/pause)


leg press (Hammer Strength)

5 sets of 20– 8 plates per side

My hip and knee felt ok here.


Barbell Squat

315 – All I´m going to say is that I shouldn´t have done that… Lesson learned…


single lying leg curls (Hammer Strength)

5 x 10, switching legs non stop


Superset of Add. and Abd

3 x 20 each