Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

Hey Isaac,

Appreciated and thank you for the questions!

1. Not eating enough! As a former wrestler, eating wasn’t something I needed to do for a sport that I had to cut in order to make weight.
So when I switched to bodybuilding, my appetite just wasn’t there so I’d only eat maybe 3-4 small meals a day not knowing eating more would have been more beneficial.

2. No particular order:
-Dexter Jackson
-Flex Wheeler
-Shawn’s Ray
-Lee Labrada
-Lee Preist

3. We’ve done that before with Pancakes, Eggs and Potatoes

4. I love the gym and atmosphere there in Kuwait. As long as I’d be able to still have Matt handle my nutrition/diet and my family was OK with it and taken care of, yes absolutely!

5. Tough call!
I’ve got a few guys that if they nail it, can win but on paper, it’s Roelly’s show.