Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Feb 4 – Back training

Hammer Pull over
Worked up to a max set of 5 plates total x 7 reps DROP 4 plates x 4 reps.
***The strength curve on this machine is very hard so by doing a drop here I feel that I am able to fatigue the muscle I am aiming to work. Its like I go from getting a complete rep just fine to failure on the next rep so this is why I am in listing a drop set here.

Hammer Seated Neutral Grip Low Row
4pps x 6
3p + 10ps x 8

Incline Bi Lateral High Row
85 x 11
85 x 9

Hammer DY Row – Single Arm
3pps x 8
4pps x 6

Seated Dual D handle Row (aiming to replace a barbell row plane of motion here) – I have not used this in forever so I just worked up doing sets of 8 until I could no longer get a set of 8
110 x 8 (final set)