Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Daniel – My weekly split now due to my injury is going to have to change but for the past month its been
Chest and Biceps
Quads / Calves
Shoulders and triceps
Hamstrings / Calves

I am still waiting to get in with the DR but in the meantime I am going to lay off of legs completely to try and get the inflammation down so that the approach that the DR uses is better, if I continue to create acute inflammation on top of chronic my recovery is going to be longer as well. So in my words I am going to have to train like a sissy for the next little bit but hopefully if I stick to the treatment I will be back to 100% before too long.

I had to take this into account with my back training last night as well so I took out the bodyweight supported rowing and rack pulls, in all honesty i have felt for the past two years that I have not been grounded on my left side meaning I am leaning and or just placing more of my weight on my right leg during these movements.