Quads 2/4/19

Still battling my hip and all that relates to it, but making the most of it.

Improved all of my movements today from last week

I don’t portray it, but squatting is REALLY tough for me, not just because it’s a hard movement, but I mean tough in terms of my body alignment hates them lol

SSB squats
“275” x 7
“225” x 12 more constant tension reps

Hack squat
3 pps x 13 +
To be honest I didnt like how these felt
Just not a good hack, didn’t fit very well, killed my knees

Pendulum leg press
4 pps x 9
3 pps x 15 feet closer and heels hanging off platform
Single leg 1 pps x 20ish

Pendulum squat
2 plates for 2 max sets
1 feet wider 1 feet closer

Leg ext
1 set single leg
1 set double