Chest 1/29/18

Incline barbell press
185x 4, 1, 3 rest pause set
No spotter, and then one came up on the last attempt. Wish I would have got one from the start. A small nudge is all I need.
185x 5
This time I had a spot
155 x 6, 2, 2 rest pause set

DB floor press
80’s x 4
Thought I could have had at least six, chest said otherwise
70’s x 6

Plate loaded flat press
Wasn’t happy with how those floor presses went so wanted another variation here
2pps x 6, drop to 1 ps x 7 + partials

Incline DB Fly
50’s x 7
50’s x 6

One set weighted + drop to body weight

Cable fly
One set 12+

It was a good day, my chest just fatigues and fails really quickly during sets when I think I should be getting more
Seems to always want to fail in a really low rep range no matter the load