Quads 1/28/19

Good day today
Nasty pump in my quads
Only issue I am having is with my hips and it affects some things, I just work around it
No complaints, just like to be open with you guys

SSB squats
Quite a few warm up sets
Not my usual rep scheme here for working sets but just needed to find my groove as these are an unfamiliar movement for me and if I had a spot to brace me, I could have taken pushed the weight and reps a bit more
Really good on my quads though
I’m not sure what the bar weighs so I’ll just go by plates
2 pps x 11
2 p + 25 ps x 4
2 p + 25 ps x 2
2 p + 25 ps x 1

Upright plate loaded leg press
4 pps x 9
3 pps x slower reps longer pause in hole x 13 + 4 faster piston style

Single leg press
These weren’t super heavy or crazy intense, and this is a hard position for my hip, but they were good sets
2 sets 20-12 reps per leg

Pendulum squat
2 sets with 2 plates

Leg ext
Bodyweight walking lunge
2 rounds