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Diet Update

To be honest with you guys I feel like I have been spinning my wheels a bit since about 2 weeks after the Olympia and its been driving me crazy in terms of my physique progress. I am the type that does not want to complain or present a problem until I have found a solution and now finally 5 months after I have!

I have to fight hard for progress but its never come to a halt it did this time, especially coming from a place of being the best I had ever been leading up to the Olympia. During my rebound through the Olympia my digestion was the best its probably ever been during my 10 years of bodybuilding, I was like clock work having BM’s 3x a day and I felt like I was really growing and responding well, following the Olympia I came back home and within 3 days got the stomach flu and ever since then I have not been the same. I had the flu really hard for 3 days but the effects seemed to linger for about 3 weeks where it seemed like everything I ate was passing right through. I knew i was not digesting nutrients well and during this time my body comp was changing for the worse as well even though I was training and eating the exact same. I am assuming this was from me not digesting things as I should. Everything I was using during my rebound that worked so well to have me in sync – metformin, detoxi fiber, endefen all seemed to just make issues worse for me so I stopped all of the above. In my best guess I was thinking that possibly my gut flora had been really thrown off from the sickness and after being sick it still was not restored so I added in Probiotics something that I usually do not need to take. This seemed to work for about a week and then I was right back in the same spot of not having consistent healthy Bowel movements. What was very puzzling to me as well is that I did not change my food sources at all during this time since July, what seemed to be working so well was just simply not working any more and the other hard part was that I was not really able to connect any dots at this point as to what was causing the issue since i just seemed to never be regular. I just kept telling myself to ride it out and yet at the same time knowing that I was not digesting food properly and that was really messing with me…this lead up to the end of the year. To start the new year I seemed to start to notice a trend in that I was having a poor bowel movement in the second meal following my training and after this happened consistently all throughout last week I decided to remove whey from my diet completely and since then I have been back to my normal self so this is now day 5 of being regular again for the first time since Oct. I think what tipped me off was due to me having about an hour of drive time total now to and from the gym I added in hydrolyzed whey in order to have a complete protein source during training to get a spike in MPS at the 2 hour mark and this addition of whey seemed to really throw me over the edge and now I have removed that completely. So here is my diet as of today. The past 5 days I have now gained 1.6 lbs which made me really happy as it seemed like I was not able to gain quality weight at all for the past few months.

Here is my diet as of now

***I have been having a sushi meal once a week and a medium blizzard…now for some reason the blizard is not causing the same reaction as the whey. If this changes I will pull it.

Meal 1
250g Chicken / Steak
1 Whole Egg
170g of Jasmine Rice cooked OR 60g COR

Meal 2
250g Salmon
60g COR

Meal 3 – Pre Train
250g Chicken
80g COR (Just increased this from 60g this week on Monday)
12g PB

5g Creatine
20g AD Nitrox
3g AD Stampede

30g Aminotaur from AD
50g Vitargo
Pink Salt

400g Alexia 99% Fries (300g on off days)
250g Steak Cooked

Meal 5
250g Chicken Cooked
60g Cream of Rice

Meal 6
4 Whole Eggs
6 Egg Whites