Back 1/23/18

Good day today
I’ll be honest I do get pretty frustrated having to be so mindful of the left side of my back making sure I use it and feel it properly as it does not come as natural as the right.
I still get weekly work done, I just don’t have the means to the best therapists here, I already drive over an hr one way for this one
But fortunately I have good ability to hone in and connect. That left side is just a pest!

Felt like going for some barbell rows today!
Few weeks back my top set was 225, today I hit a top set with 225 but felt like I could add some weight for another so I went for it

225x 9
245x 7
275x 4

Last year I was rowing 275 for reps, but I am going with the reason that my form and execution has improved a lot in the past year lol but really it has
Nonetheless these felt good and a few weeks ago I couldn’t even bend over with 275 lol

Wide grip pull down
1 top rest pause set 17 total reps
1 back down straight set + partials 12ish reps

T bar rows
7 quarters x 9 bit explosive
6 quarters x 8 slowed tempo

DB pullover
80x 11

Bent over DB bilateral row
90’s x 9
90’s x 6 drop 65’s x 5

Single arm cable pull down
Sets of 12 increasing weight alternating arms until reaching a weight I couldn’t get 10
Separate sets not one big set
Letting opposite side stretch while other side works