Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 23 – Legs

Things went well today under the conditions. My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday at this point I am excited to find out what the heck is wrong because it really puzzles me.

Got to train legs today with Landon and Brittany – who just won her pro card at Nationals, extremely strong made me happy to see how she has responded post show.

I am still “dancing” my way around the workout so to speak trying to not injure myself further and today went pretty well.

Started out warming up on the single leg plate loaded leg extension machine we did about 4 sets here increasing weight each set up to 60 lbs per side. This served as a warm up.

Leg Press
worked up to two hard sets
10pps x 15 reps
11pps x 13 reps

Hack Squat (just going to write this out in full so you can see how it went today)
2pps x 8 Paused
3pps x 8 Paused
4pps x 8 Paused
5pps x 8 straight
3pps x 10 paused x 4 sets

Adduction Machine
2 max sets with stack
16 reps
12 reps

Barbell Squat
315 paused x 8
315 paused x 7
(leg was not 100% but I am going to stick with doing these last within what my leg can handle and build up from here.