Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Back Training – Super bowl Sunday

Deadlifts –
495 x 1
565 x 5

Cable Supra Bar Pullover
(I do this second so that I can give my lower back a rest rather than loading it back to back)
170 x 8 (final warm up)
190 x 15 reps

Supra Barbell Rows
(25 lb bar)
2pps x 8
3pps x 9

Single Arm DB Row
110 x 8
160 x 9.5

Arsenal Lever Row
70lbs x 8
90lbs x 8
120lbs x 6.5 (forced help on the last two to get 8 total)

Mag Grip Reverse Grip Pulldown
(something I have been doing lately is doing my pulldowns standing up. We have a taller pulldown system where I can stand and not bottom out the stack. This is nothing ground breaking but what my goal here is the remove any back jerking and or any counterbalance from legs driving into the pad so its all lats. At this point my lats are cooked so I am looking for direct work and aiming not to cheat.)
110 x 8
150 x 9.5
160 x 8