Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 22 – Back Training

Same exact workout as last week, numbers increased here on my max lifts. The only changes I made compared to last week as I did a max set and back off set on incline DB row (last week I did two max sets at same weight) and I also added in asst. Pull ups to the end of my workout last week I did not do them because my son drank water out of the toilet so I rushed home after the rowing was finished.

Barbell Row –
225 x 6
275 x 6
325 x max set of 7 reps

Two Arm incline DB Row
Max set at 95 lbs. Full + partial reps
Max set at 80 lbs x 10 reps

Single Arm DB row in fixed position with hips square
90 x 8
110 x 8
125 x max set 7 full + 2 partial reps

Hammer Low Row
2p+25 x 7
3p x 7

Asst Pull ups
70 x max set / 2 sets

Stretch and leave!