Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 19 – Hamstrings

This session was filmed and will be up on the site for you guys!

Lying Hamstring Curl
Max set – Stack x failure (I believe I got 7) drop to 155 again until failure

Barbell RDL
495 x 7 (all time PR for me)
405 x paused set 7 reps (very hard set here after the top end set ha)

Lying Hammer Strength Curl
worked up to one all out alternating rest pause set
45 x 7 – 4 each leg alternating legs

Pause at full stretch and full contraction
270 x 12
290 x Max set I believe I got 10 reps then some stretch partials

Hyperextension Drop set
3p x max – 2p x max – 1p x max