Quads 1/21/19

Good day today
I think the main thing I have been improving on is my rep quality, just continuing to get better at making it harder
I’m also finding my endurance gasses out in the midst of a set, I feel this is due to incorporating and fatiguing muscles in ways I haven’t before

Barbell front squat – heels elevated
Continuing to better my execution here on the cues joe gave me
Today’s reps were much better quality than last week and my sets failed at full quad failure
Ive focused so much on keeping a tight form that both sets I couldn’t break form or use force to push the last rep up once my quads failed so both sets ended on the rack
225 x failed on the way up of 9th rep
185 x 13 dropped it trying to go up with 14th

Hack squat
6 pps x 11
First time with 6 per side for me. Had some help on these reps today, I want to get better within this weight and improve rep quality like I’ve done with 5 per side
4 pps x 16
Feet lower and closer on this set. My ankle mobility sucks in this position, but I am doing it with the goal of letting knees come over toes and different quad activation

Single leg upright plate loaded press
Banded resistance
3 pps x 2 sets x 15 & 9

Leg ext
1 set wider (outer quad)
1 set feet together (inner quad&vmo)
Full contraction to failure + partner forced reps

Barbell walking lunges
145 x 12
95 x 16 longer pauses in hole and really hard contractions on way up