Roman FritzRoman Fritz

21st January 2019

session 1: chest + triceps

Deadstop incline smith presses

3 sets of 15, 2.5 plates + 2,5kg per side

Progress! 🙂


incline DB flys

25kg goal is at least 10 reps, if I can´t get 10 I switch to pressing the bells


Superset of bodyweight dips / cable crossovers

3 sets to failure / 38,0 x 10 (rest/pause)

Same here as on the pullups “built in progression”. I always fail at 10 or 11 reps on dips


DB pullovers

3 sets of 10, 50kg

On the last set´s last rep I banged the dumbbell against my forehead. Hard. Felt dizzy the rest of the session… 😀


Straight bar pushdown

3 sets of 10 (rest/pause) 58kg

Elbows feel almost 100%


overhead rope

15,5 x 3 sets of 10+


Close grip pushups

3 sets to failure


100 reps of cable crunches 27,5kg