Roman FritzRoman Fritz

19th January 2019

calves + ham emphasize legs

Superset of legpress calves and seated calves

5 sets of 10 reps each (heavy!), rest/pause if necessary, going back and forth with as little rest as possible, finish both with a 1 minute loaded DC stretch


seated curls (Cybex)

67,5 x 3 sets of 10 strip on last set 50kg x 10

Deadstop reps are starting to grow on me on this exercise. Like I said the fatigue seems to be deeper. I´ll start incorporating this more often…


cybex squat press, high foot stance

5 sets of 15 (rest/paused), 4 plates per side

I literally went as deep as possible. The feeling I got from those was way different than the, in relation to those, shallow reps I normally do. I felt like my groin was going to tear apart… 🙂


stiff Deads

3 plates x 11, 8, 7


floor dumbbell curls

20,5kg cluster set of 5 x 6 reps, 20 breaths of rest between cluters


Dumbbell sumo squat

150 lbs x 3 sets of max reps