Roman FritzRoman Fritz

14th January 2019

I only trained once today as I had a physical therapy treatment scheduled for the morning and I absolutely can´t skip those!


So, there it goes:

Back + Biceps:

reverse grip pullups / pulldowns:

67+x partials / 76,5kg x 7

5+x partials / 76,5kg x 6 –> 58,5 x 8



Rope pullovers:

57,5kg 3 sets of 10 (rest/pause)



Smith machine rows

100kg x 10, 10, 10 (little momentum to get 10 here, up one kg from last time


Rack Deads

5 plates, 5 x 5


Lying incline dumbbell rows

20,5kg, 3 sets of 12


behind the neck pulldowns

62,5kg 3 sets of 10 (little cheating)



Seated incline dumbbell curls

15kg x 3 sets of 10 (rest pause)

almost lying flat here. Stretch is maximal


Alternate dumbbell

20,5kg x 3+3+3 (rest pause)


Front double cable curls

15,5kg x 10, 10, 10 (little cheat)


Rope hammers

28kg 3 sets of 12

Superset of wirst curls and reverse wrist curls till I can´t move my hands anymore…

100 reps of cable crunch 27,5kg