Quads 1/14/19

Good day today

Front squats are a work in progress the way Joe has cued me to do them
I can actually get deeper, but with the cues he made for me, he’s having me stop depth at the point prior to hips sinking

Had a rigged squat wedge that was definitely sketchy lol
Some prime wedges will be coming!

Barbell front squat
225 x 7
225 x 5 failed on the way up of 6th
No spotter for these today, I got 225×7 with joe as a spot last time

Hack squat
5pps x 14 aiming to control and slight pause in the hole best I can
3pps x feet lower and closer stance aiming to get knees over toes best I can without heels coming off platform. Controlled piston style reps and not fully standing up x 15ish

Leg Ext
2 sets with partner forced reps once I couldn’t reach full contraction on my own

Barbell walking lunges
95x 16
115x 16
135x 16

Banded sissy squat
1 set x unsure of count