Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 11 – Shoulders

I have been sick since Friday night basically since after this session on Friday night I felt really run down. Continued on through Saturday with my worst being yesterday so I did take an extra day of rest yesterday. Saturday night I had some sushi which was really good and a medium blizzard which its probably been a year since I have eaten one of those, very much enjoyed it!

Also got a new texas barbell today so excited to use that!

Seated Barbell Press
305 x 6 on my own / 7th rep assisted
275 x 6

Hammer Shoulder BH Press
4pps x 6

Standing Lateral Raise
50 lbs x Max set as strict as possible + partial reps to follow (I believe I got 9 and 6 here)

Standing DB Upright row
60 x 8
50 x 10

Barbell Shrug / Upright row combo – Keeping barbell into my stomach throughout
145 x 2 max sets

Reverse Pec Deck
160 x 10
190 x max set + Partials