Arms 1/13/19

Filmed this one for the site this week
Will talk more detail on voiceover

Everything really controlled reps/contract throughout entire ROM

V bar press down
1 max set + reduce weight & lean forward into extension motion

Smith close grip press
One set: rest pause “185”x 7, 3, 1.5

Seated overhead ext
One set: 80x 7

Cluster set
1. Pin loaded dips
2. Cable bent over overhead ext
One round 12-15 reps

Rope hammer curl
1 max set + partials

DB alt hammer curl – thumbless
Set one: 35’s x 12-15 reps
Set Two: 30’s x 12-15ish reps + a little momentum for extra

Ez bar curl into Ez bar reverse grip curl
1 set
70lb x 6 + 2 partials, drop to 40lb reverse grip x 6 + 3 partials