Today I attended an NPC posing seminar hosted by the NPC Florida and when I tell you guys it was awesome, I mean it!
There was not a single detail left out
Over 200 athletes in attendance, division posing groups, Q&A, a mock show, and individual critiques
Not sure how each state works, but if there is ever anything like that near you, I highly recommend attending! Never think you are above it, we can all always learn something!

Trained directly after that/standing, talking, posing for 3+ hrs, but actually had what felt like an unaffected good session!

Seated Legend plate loaded shoulder press
First time sitting all afternoon lol
2 plates + 25 per side x 6
2 pps x slower and more strict 9

Seated single arm press
60 x 8
60 x 6

Standing dB lateral raises
30’s x 9
22.5’s x can’t remember + bottom partials

Smith machine upright row
35lb per side x can’t remember lol 12ish

Rear delt fly on pec dec
1 straight set 15-12ish
1 set w/ contraction partials + full reps+ stretch partials

Single arm alt dB front raise
2 sets 15-12ish reps