Joe Bennett trained me this morning for a ham and glute session so everything was following his lead

Some good cues using my glutes in movements I haven’t done before

He did film the session for us both to have so once his film guy gets all that done it will be up!

HARD contractions on everything
Strict control through entire rom

Rack RDL with band resistance around waist
Glute emphasis
Here he set the rack a few inches below knee height
I am very ham dominant so when I do rdls rightfully so I’m training my hams so I initiate the bottom of the movement with my hams and only focus on glutes if I am pushing hips fully through.
So limiting the range of motion to how far to go down required me to initiate with my glutes at the bottom and carry that contraction all the way through
Which was the goal for this one today being more glute emphasis

A lot of warm up sets of 6-10
Leading to two max sets and on second set we extended the set by dropping the bar and using band tension only

Seated leg curl
3 warm up sets 8-4 reps
3 hard working sets with forced reps

Cybex squat/press with added band tension
I’ve never used this and I really liked it
There was zero point in the ROM that you lost tension on the hams and with the added band it was a really good contraction at the top

Warm up sets of 10 adding 1 plate per side until reaching 5 pps for a top set with some forced reps I believe 17 total
Then a second set being a double drop set

Smith machine kneeling glute thrust with band tension
No idea what to actually call those
I’m sure you’ve seen bikini girls do them lol
2 max sets and last one extended set by band only

That’s all
I definitely am better (or worse depending on your definition lol) about running myself into the ground training lol

All my sets were to failure knowing I didn’t have any reps left, but there’s still that work harder part of my mind that thinks I need to be dying in a ditch post training lol

But my legs need improving.
And any ways to improve is worth trying!
I know how to train them, feel them, work hard etc on my own
But I’m really thankful for joe reaching out to help me
We’re not changing the base or reinventing the wheel, rather just challenging me in new ways to make the movements I already do even more effective

Once the bases and patterns are learned we can really get into taking these applications even further!