Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

Quad Day!

This weeks workout was quad focused as opposed to last week being hamstring focused.

Standing Leg Curl:
Always start with a hamstring movement to get the back of the knee and Hams warmed up.

2 Warmup sets of 6 reps. Just want to feel the weight and get the Hams moving.
3 Working sets of 10 reps. Noticed that I’m getting much stronger here with this movement which shows progress in my Hams. Defiantly need a bigger hang from the side and bigger Hams from the back.

Leg Extensions:
Now time to move to quads and get things warmed up so extensions are always a must. Again, with using only for warming things up and not feeling any pain in the knee, kept reps high.

2 warmup sets of 15 reps (slight pause)
4 working sets of 15. (No pause but def controlling and squeezing as I contract)

Band Hacks:
Did these with bands to take pressure off the bottom of the movement and the knees and focus on the top part of the movement.
2 Warmup sets of 6 reps.
3 Working sets of 8 reps.

Vertical Leg Press:
Definitely a favorite but pain to get my body into the machine comfortably.

1 warmup set of 10 just to feel the weight.

4 working sets of 15 reps. More volume with this movement. Going heavier with less weight would usually be my go to but with this movement, that’s not possible due to how my body is placed
And too much pressure on my back.

Wanted to finish quads with a killer finisher and lunges win! But did these using the hammer strength trap/lunge piece where the one Leg is back and elevated and the oppose Leg is lunging down.

3 working sets of 10 reps.
Definitely not something you can go super heavy and still maintain good form but if done right, can kill anyone!