Roman FritzRoman Fritz

9th January 2019

session 1: delts + traps


Very high incline smith press

2.5 plates plus 0.5kg, 3 sets of 10 rest/pause

immediately after last set jump into


rear delt cable flys

12,5 kg x 20, 3 sets (little momentum used)

Like is said, for rear delts, especially on this exercise, higher reps give me better results.


side dumbbell raises

25,5kg x 7+3 (cheated), strip set: 25,5 –> 20,5 –> 15 x 10 reps each


DB shrugs 60kg x 3 sets 0f 10-12

supersetted with

cable straight bar upright rows 38kg x 3 sets of 15 (little cheat if needed)


DC stretch for delts immediately after last set.