Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 8 – Chest and Triceps

Two lifts I really want to get strong at this year, my strongest to be exact are on 30 degree incline press and on weighted dips. The 30 degree is better for me on my shoulders and I can get depth properly. Dips … well they are awesome and I want to be really strong on them, have this hunch that it will translate well to my physique.

1) 30 Degree Incline Barbell Bench Paused
315 x 12 (getting my bearings back here I will start to push the weights but do not want to compromise the form that I had today)

2) Hammer Seated Flat Press
4pps x 6 reps (lockout on last rep was very slow and a good challenge)
3p+25ps x 6 (same here with lockout)

3) Weighted Dips
45lbs x 8
90lbs x 8
115lbs x 5

4) Incline Lying Cable Fly
(working up in 5lb per side increments)
30 x 8
35 x 8
42.5 x 8
42.5 x 6

5) Single Arm D Handle pressdown
(working up in 5lb increments)
Top set at 57.5 x 7

6) Seated DB Extension
35 x 8
45 x 8
50 x 8