I’ll be honest, my hamstrings are still pretty darn sore from Saturday

It has to be the forced reps on leg curls, because that is the only hamstring emphasis movement we did

Something I am going to incorporate more of moving forward, is having someone assist me with forced reps on some things. I have to admit, I’ve always been the “if i cant get it myself, i don’t need it, type”, I can bring the intensity on my own and train to failure, but there are some reps that you just cant reach peak contraction on your own in the final reps, so I feel as though this will be an added improvement to my training without changing much else.

Every day all of my sets are max sets, so even when I write reps down in this log, its not because I predetermined to stop at those reps. I never ever say “ok I am going to do 3 sets of 8” or something of that sort. I just have a rep range in my mind for the given weight I am using, and go until I fail. Usually the only reason I remember reps to log here is because I recorded the set lol


Quads 1/8/19

Working sets only listed

Abduction machine – Hard contractions, controlled eccentric, explosive concentric

2 sets 15-12 reps with final few reps being self forced until I could no longer reach a full contraction

Leg Press – Feet shoulder width and lower on platform. Really controlled tempo throughout. Pause in hole, purposely stopping weight with my quads prior to it shifting to my hips. So these were not knee to armpit reps, but connection on quads was kept through entire ROM.

To be honest, when it comes to quad emphasis, leg press really just is not the best fit for my hips and they get all funky and you can see my pelvis roll if I try to hit any kind of depth, so keeping the ROM like mentioned above keeps my quads working the movement best. However, high and wide for hams suits my hips much better.

Good sets nonetheless and did just as I wanted them to!

Set one: 6 pps x 17 spot assist on last few

Set two: 6 pps x 13 spot assist on last few

Leg Ext – Foot placement a bit wider here, allows me to feel them higher up on my quad sweep vs a closer stance is vmo and lower seep. HARD contractions

2 sets with partner forced reps. So failed on my own, plus failed with assistance.

Single leg hammer strength upright press w/ banded tension – These I can bring knee to armpit for a better stretch and really focused on initiating the concentric with higher up on my quad sweep toward my hip. Controlled eccentric, pause at stretch, explosive concentric, hard contractions throughout.

Set one: 3pps x 13

Set two: 3pps x 9

Body master version of a plate loaded V squat – Heaviest machine ever. – facing like a front squat variation

Set one: 3pps x 8 good pauses in hole, explosive concentric and hard contractions throughout

Set two: 2 pps x bottom partials x 9, stood fully up for a few sec, back to partials x 4, stood up, back to partials for 2 and spotter pulled it off me

Front loaded walking lunge

1 set x 1 pps (not a 45lb bar) x until i dropped the weight