Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 7 – Back and Biceps

I did my primary lower back loading the previous day doing RDL so I kept everything chest supported and or lat focused. I also trained with a good friend of mine who just injured his knee so I wanted to keep it away from bodyweight loading.

Just another note I typically remember my working weights but when I am going to true failure on multiple sets the reps seems to get a big foggy but my biggest goal is to be working to max capacity here hence why I am writing that. This means that I am not longer able to get a full contraction with perfect form.

1) D handle Dual Lat Pullover out of a single pully – I prefer this over a rope more of the load transfers onto the lats in the stretched position. I complete this movement with an angled pronated grip.

2 max sets + partials

2) Incline Chest supported High Pull DB Row
85 lbs x max set
70 lbs x max set
– this to me is one of the best ways that you can load your upper back when performed properly. Its a direct vertical pull against gravity in a fixed position IE very hard which is why I want to master it. I prefer this over say a hammer high pull.

3) Hammer Low Row – Seated with butt back and chest pinned to pad, this is all about elbow drive to me and getting my elbows back as far as possible. Mid and upper back focused here.
3p+25ps x max set
3 x max set

4) Using the same machine we fixed ourselves up on the pad to simulate a low DB row so for this movement variation the finishing point was lower
3pps x 8
4pps x 6

5) Lat Pulldown – Feet fixed under hips so you have no counterbalance.
160 x 2 max sets

6) Seated Cable Row
200 x 8 last set of the day

7) DB alt curl
2 max sets with 35lb DB’s

8) DB hammer curl
2 max sets with 35lb DB’s